"Beauty is in the Details"

Fyneline Studioworks is founded on a basic principle that good design brings quality to life. A perfect balance between practicality & aesthetics is what we strive to achieve. We work on projects of varying sizes & complexities, such as private dwellings & commercial spaces. Our meticulous approach to design ensures that every project is uniquely specified according to our clients’ needs and is site-agnostic, thus no two projects are alike

Why Choose Us?

Quality of Service

We stand by our commitment to produce high-quality, practical designs that meets our clients’ needs & requirements.

Value for Money

Extracting the most value out of a given budget is our work ethos. Frugality can be achieved without sacrificing design value & quality.


Clear and honest communication is key to a successful project. We strive to be responsive and transparent in sharing our ideas, opinions and findings with our clients.


Our involvement in the architectural industry dates back to more than a decade ago, and we have been working with numerous developers, consultants, contractors and suppliers.

Our Services

Architecture Design

We undertake architectural projects of varying sizes & complexities, ranging from single-unit residential projects to high-rise buildings.

Interior Design

Let us transform your ideas into reality. Be it that cozy living area you always wanted, or an evocative gallery space, we got you covered.

Drafting Services

Already have an existing design? We provide professional drafting services, from simple floor plans to detailed construction drawings.

Our Projects

F+F Bungalow
LC Preschool
M&S Residence
M+J Residence
AZ Residence
PSH Restaurant
F+A Townhouse
Hillpark Petrol Station
Clinic AZ
I+R Residence
Losong Village Foodcourt
A+A Residence


Interested in getting to know more about us? The following is a list of frequently asked questions & answers to get you started.

We are based in Sungai Buloh, Selangor. We currently undertake projects around Selangor, KL and occasionally in neighbouring states.

Please get in touch with us. A lot of our services can be coordinated online, thus an arrangement may be possible despite being out of state.